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First of all I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU :glomp: to every single one of you who spread the word and/or participated (and to those of you finishing up pieces anyways despite missing the deadline - you know who you are, I'm keepin' an eye on you!). These contests amount to nothing without your interest and feedback. Everyone's entry will be featured at a later date in at least a journal and blog post.

For a recap and to see the original journal posting please go here:
And Scene Contest LAST CALL MIDNIGHT EST!!!Hey guys and gals, I know things are crazy with everyone trying to keep up with Inktober and then we've got NaNoWriMo next month so I've got a contest deadline extension for you (I did say it was possible!). See below for the details! To see the current entries see this folder: For Current Raffle or Contest
Please note: this is the LAST FULL ON raffle or contest I will host until 2017. Information on future raffles will be provided in December 2016/January 2017. Thank you to all returning and new participants for allowing me to be part of your journey~
This time your raffle entry is given mainly on writing or sequential art/comic but you may also enter by submitting an illustration. Please keep reading for details!~~
Time to put your storytelling skills in gear! Imagine one of your OCs has gotten in

See all the entries in the "Current Raffles or Contests" folder in my favorites. Entries for this contest will be in that folder until 1/1/2017 after which you can find them ALL FEATURED in a journal coming soon (link coming soon).

* * * W i n n e r s & P r i z e s * * *

remember this contest was based with particular pertinence on your address and handling of content 
(NOT particularly skill level - ergo typos and grammatical hiccups did not affect your entry)
hence the provided prompts in the original journal via the "Your Goals" section
I will contact you via note for information on your prize preferences

1st prize goes to  1tiptip1 for integrating answers to the most prompts to her content! You should see the background for the significance for her OCs full moon festival: 

What you've won 
= detailed color illustration of ONE character of your choice and a journal interview feature 
  art examples: 
   Dev ID update 2016 by AmaranthineRain   Memory by AmaranthineRain   Prize: Boys Night In by AmaranthineRain
  journal interview feature example: Artist Intervew: Ag-Cat & Artist Highlight: Shannon Hogan (Khezix)

2nd prize goes to Sleyf who answered a majority of prompts! Her characters are very stand-out and not only does she tie in cultural references but also integrates a horror/adventure theme with a twist ending!

What you've won flat color illustration of ONE character of your choice (gradients possible at my discretion)
   Ask Us Anything by AmaranthineRain  Squirrel Boy by AmaranthineRain  Amaterasu and Issun by AmaranthineRain

prize goes to GerrytHC who paid great attention to setting and character motivation when addressing the prompts and adding in his own character background influences! 

What you've won = lined and colored illustration of ONE chibi
   Unicorn Chibis by AmaranthineRain   Requests Closed Kiri Chibi by AmaranthineRain   Jorra Chibi by AmaranthineRain

Raffle winner will be drawn from the remaining entries ( Feu-en-Bleu & DancesWithDreams ) during the live stream (see below for more info). You will win
 = icon of ONE character for your personal use (with option for motion)
   Prize: Val Annoyed by AmaranthineRain   Assassin Amara Icon by AmaranthineRain   Amara Horse Light by AmaranthineRain

Prize art will not start being released until at least after Christmas if not after New Years due to my Holiday Matsuri pre- and post- schedule as well as another medium project I'm trying to put together for you (and me) as early as possible in 2017.

* * * L i v e S t r e a m * * *

This was a contest-raffle and as the contest with placed prizes is over the remaining entries will be entered in the raffle which will be drawn during a live stream as per past tradition for us to interact live - come hang out and let me know what you thought of this contest-raffle!

You can save the link to my channel on Twitch but I will post the link again on Facebook, dA, and Twitter. Stay tuned~

Time: Eastern Standard Time**(see below)

*If anyone definitely wants to attend please pick any of the three dates following you are available for at least half an hour. I will pick the most common day to stream. Please have your selection in by 12/18!! If no dates are chosen I will default to 12/21/2016: 12/19 . 12/20 . 12/21 . 12/27 . 12/28

**I am available 10:00-20:00 Eastern Standard Time on any of the above listed days. Here is a reference to calculate what that time means for you and if you could let me know the best time range that would work for you calculated in Eastern Standard Time I will also pick the most common. If no times are given I will default to streaming from 16:00/16:30 ~ 18:00

If you miss the stream do not worry, I'll be attempting to increase frequency in 2017.

How will you randomize the draw?
During the live stream I will use an online randomizer depending on the number of entries.

* * * I n C l o s i n g * * *

You guys and gals are so awesome I loved seeing you incorporate an OC that was not yours into your writing and I was grinning ear to ear reading ALL of your entries! Why you gotta be so awesome and make it hard to judge, ey? EY?!?!? :huggle:

I hope you all had fun exploring your OCs personalities with a new situation to react to.
If you wish to use your entry in your developed story you may as it is now; you still own your content. The only thing I ask is you DO NOT use Kaipo's name and DO NOT add any more specific details about Kaipo's description than what you have now (the way all of you have written your entries as of now is vague enough for me) UNLESS you've specifically noted me for permission to use Kaipo.

Until next time, I'll catch you around in comments and at the stream!!

:squee: Dance! :happybounce: :squee: Dance! :happybounce: :squee: Dance! :happybounce: :squee: Dance! :happybounce:  :squee: Dance! :happybounce: :squee: Dance! :happybounce: :squee: Dance! :happybounce: :squee: Dance! :happybounce:  :squee: Dance! :happybounce: :squee:

**Special Notes**
  • Constructive feedback is always, always welcome!! I appreciated all the notes I received after the previous raffle from those of you who enjoyed it - both winners and participants~ Do you like the dual contest-raffle set up? Did you have fun seeing others' entries? Were the prompts helpful? Were any requirements unclear? Do you feel any of the placements were unfair? If so, why?
  • I do these because as stated above the majority of participants have expressed that these are fun! I am more than happy to host and provide prizes. However, sometimes I can get myself eyeballs deep in multiple projects, so if you have suggestions for dynamic prizes or would like to help me provide prize art in the future, please note me! I'll contact you before future raffles and ask if you are able to participate in providing prizes (please note that this does bar you from an entry into the contest but you are more than welcome to participate in the prompt).
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DancesWithDreams Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2016  Hobbyist
Congratulations to the winners :D This was a really interesting contest!
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Congratulations all around! :iconlawooplz: I'm glad you though so!
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Wooh yay! Congratulations to everyone! And thanks for creating a contest that presented a challenge!
AmaranthineRain Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2016   General Artist
Yay!! :iconlawooplz:
I'm glad it presented a challenge!! :D 
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