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Kiri Ramdeo
Artist | Varied
United States
1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters (post their names along with their creators' avatars)

* if you tag me make sure the character you tag hasn't already been on here - I'll do 8 facts MAX per character, nya nya!*
*you are free to ask to have one of my OCs added here even if you have not done this tag*


- tagged by 1tiptip1 - see Tip's here: 8 Facts Tag War -
Under the Snow by AmaranthineRain  Through the Fire by AmaranthineRain
  1. Although she enjoys it very much she knows being a pyrokinetic is dangers - especially with her temper.
  2. Espresso is her desert of choice - the way it's made in her homeland is a blend of different beans and sometimes spices.
  3. She can be a bit egotistical and arrogant with her abilities. That she is not more so is thanks to her mother.
  4. Militarized training arouses her suspicion and puts her on edge.
  5. Horseback riding became one of her favorite hobbies for the independence and inner strength it taught her.
  6. She really dislikes those who lack integrity. 
  7. History puts her to sleep - unless it's taught by her grandfather, Dasukan ta'Mantoran
  8. She can't sing very well but she loves listening to anyone sing in either soothing or energetic vocals.


- tagged by DancesWithDreams - see Dances's here: 8 Facts Tag -
Night by AmaranthineRain
  1. Kaipo is a shapeshifter although he prefers dragon or wolf/dog.
  2. Macaroni and cheese, linguini pasta, and caramel apple pie are his favorite hot comfort food - also bacon and salmon!
  3. He has great hearing which amplifies when it's too dark to see; he is also a good listener.
  4. Encountering people he does not like raises his hackles and he becomes withdrawn or indifferent towards them.
  5. He's a bit of a scaredy-cat.
  6. When those he cares about are threatened he goes into guardian angel mode which requires turning into a big scary dragon or a cuddly fluff-pup.
  7. He reads those around him via their energy, aura, and body language.
  8. Instrumental acoustic music soothes him.


- tagged by DancesWithDreams - see Dances's here: 8 facts tag - Viti -
Inktober 11 - Transport by AmaranthineRain
  1. If he doesn't want you to ride him you won't make it onto his back between being stepped on, bitten, kicked, bucked off, or incinerated - possibly melted.
  2. He has a particular affinity for children and baby animals.
  3. Swift started out as a regular ole equine. One dangerous summoning spell later and it may or may not be Kiara's fault that he is what he is now.
  4. He won't go after those he dislikes unless he has reasonable cause. Why? Because long treks for torture and revenge without reasonable cause are not fun.
  5. Articulated communication takes a lot of effort but he can make himself clear with more expressions and sounds than a typical horse. 
  6. Thanks to his magical enhancement he can lift and pull weights like a stagecoach which usually takes a team of eight brawny horses. 
  7. When Kiara is depressed or grumpy - or taking herself too seriously - he steals her for a ride and this has so far never failed to drag her out of the doldrums.
  8. He loves swimming~

Cernos aka Pirate Unicorn

- tagged by 1tiptip1 - see Tip's here: 8 Character Question Tag War -
Pirate Unicorn! by AmaranthineRain   Seeking Solace by AmaranthineRain
  1. As one of the youngest sons of a conceited king and queen he decided a court life of arrogance and vanity was not for him and ran away to become a knight - but become a pirate instead!
  2. He has a pretty good sense of humor.
  3. Royal unicorns are wildly decorative so the jewelry he wears by comparison is minimal. 
  4. He lost his eye during a sibling spat when he was very young.
  5. Io has pulled him into many more shenanigans than he would have been a part of otherwise.
  6. He knows how to swim but is not a big fan of it despite being a ship captain.
  7. The crown piece on his horn is the only indication of royalty he allows himself.
  8. He will use his horn in conjunction with his sword during a fight.

Tags (there are so many I wanna ask about but let us start with these):
  1. :icon1tiptip1: Eloria
  2. :icondanceswithdreams: Seldwyn
  3. :icongerrythc: George Artes
  4. :iconfeu-en-bleu: Maxwell Jiang
  5. :iconinkyrose: Hetta 
  6. :iconaymstersilver: Evelyn
  7. :iconsleyf: Camine
  8. :iconratprince: Felix Thakur 


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That trust will keep you from having the heart attack that kills people on a long fall like that before they even hit the ground, whew!...

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OMG I forgot I can do a few of these with that membership you gave me :D Okay, here's to trying it out: Okay, first let me say I really ...




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