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With Torrential Force - preliminary info by AmaranthineRain With Torrential Force - preliminary info :iconamaranthinerain:AmaranthineRain 0 0 Process - Babysitting by AmaranthineRain Process - Babysitting :iconamaranthinerain:AmaranthineRain 1 2 Comm: RoF : RoK | Babysitting by AmaranthineRain Comm: RoF : RoK | Babysitting :iconamaranthinerain:AmaranthineRain 6 6 WIP Noia of With Torrential Force by AmaranthineRain WIP Noia of With Torrential Force :iconamaranthinerain:AmaranthineRain 3 0
Summer Event 2017: PSQ | Arrival at Base Camp

Zanrak shifted in the saddle, adjusting to the spot she had worn into it on the journey southwest from the Taniya Mountains. Tents that made up the edges of base camp sprouted up from the snow scape around them along with the buzz of daily activities of both people and tokotas taking advantage of the rare clear weather. Béchamel’s ears were perked and he was returning the curious greetings from other tokotas. Zanrak smiled and scratched his shoulders through his mane.
“You’re such a good boy.”
Béchamel tilted his head back to yip and grin at her.
Voev followed close behind the older male. He held his head low but wagged his tail slightly. “There are so many.”
“Don’t worry, pup. Most of them are friendly. You’ll have plenty to play with when we’re not scouting.”
Zanrak twisted to look back at the white accented black female bringing up the rear. Where her head once would have been h
:iconamaranthinerain:AmaranthineRain 0 0
Prologue Side Quest | Meeting the Chief by AmaranthineRain Prologue Side Quest | Meeting the Chief :iconamaranthinerain:AmaranthineRain 2 0 Comm: RoF : RoF | Flower Field by AmaranthineRain Comm: RoF : RoF | Flower Field :iconamaranthinerain:AmaranthineRain 4 2
Comm: Hunting | Caribou Cornered
Zanrak scratched the spot between Béchamel’s shoulder blades and smiled when he stopped to shake one hind leg in pleasure.
“Oooo, I wish I had that reach,” the tawny piebald said.
“I’ll scratch your back any time, Bé.”
“Does Yejidei have a preference for what we bring back from this hunt?” Hakken asked. The cream tundra piebald walked at the end of the single file line advancing down the Tåniya Mountain slopes. In the beginning the toki had insisted on pulling his own weight and walking abreast of the others but after mere minutes of him bouncing from snowdrift to snowdrift like a coiled spring the dire Ish had put an end to it. After all, what use would the smallest tokota be if he was exhausted by the time they reached the hunting grounds?
“No. As long as we stick to lynx, coyote, birds, bears, and caribou she doesn’t mind.” 
Hakken yipped. “I smelled a lynx up here the other day! Why don
:iconamaranthinerain:AmaranthineRain 1 5
Comm: Hunting | Territory by AmaranthineRain Comm: Hunting | Territory :iconamaranthinerain:AmaranthineRain 6 0 Comm: Exploring | Cliff Beach by AmaranthineRain Comm: Exploring | Cliff Beach :iconamaranthinerain:AmaranthineRain 4 2 Comm: Caving | Chasing Lights by AmaranthineRain Comm: Caving | Chasing Lights :iconamaranthinerain:AmaranthineRain 4 0 CoR: Riding | Among the Shafts by AmaranthineRain CoR: Riding | Among the Shafts :iconamaranthinerain:AmaranthineRain 50 8
Comm: Exploring | Safe Grounds
Zanrak was filling her last empty canteen, kneeling close to the swift current of the West River, when Voev returned from around the bend. Rakhera already had her fill of the cool water and stood waiting while Béchamel quenched his thirst.
“Incoming!” Voev skid to a stop, panting. “Incoming tokotas.”
Zanrak looked to Rakhera and when the dark tokota said nothing she cleared her throat, still getting used to stepping in where the masked tokota would have before. “Are they hostile?”
“I don’t think so but one of them looks…” 
“Like me.”
“A greying tawny?”
Voev sneezed and looked down at his forepaws. “A dire.”
Zanrak stood and covered the canteen just as the sounds of the other tokotas drifted towards them like the current. A small tawny tokota with saddle and blanket markings led the way and following closely behind her was a tall mud-smudged albino dire w
:iconamaranthinerain:AmaranthineRain 3 6
Comm: Exploring | Spirits of Dreaming
Darkmyr was experiencing the strangest sense of déjà vu.
Aqtuqtuaq Forest was a massive forest populated mostly by conifer trees and filled with a constant hum of life. It was his first expedition there, he was sure of it, but the humming felt familiar. There was, however, something wrong with it. Darkmyr shook his long mane and flattened his ears. There was an underlying buzz that did not belong. How could he know that if he had never been here? He located the group he had arrived with ahead of him winding between the trees. Their steps were muffled by moss, their forms partially obscured by fog.
Moss? Fog?
It was not yet the middle of summer. The ground should be covered in snow still…
“Don’t fall too far behind, Dark!"
Darkmyr twitched into a trot. It was a human who called to him. She rode the tawny piebald, Béchamel, bareback and her spine swayed side to side with the large male. She twisted to look at Darkmyr–
There was something wron
:iconamaranthinerain:AmaranthineRain 1 10
Gift: Spying by AmaranthineRain Gift: Spying :iconamaranthinerain:AmaranthineRain 7 6 Comm: Caving | Dead End by AmaranthineRain Comm: Caving | Dead End :iconamaranthinerain:AmaranthineRain 5 2
My gallery includes art and writing, as well as the occasional photograph!

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Oooo first of all I love the zoom in contrary to your usual illustration scope. I definitely get a sense of how close they are in the s...

by Cameil

That trust will keep you from having the heart attack that kills people on a long fall like that before they even hit the ground, whew!...

by Valetha

OMG I forgot I can do a few of these with that membership you gave me :D Okay, here's to trying it out: Okay, first let me say I really ...




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